Monday, October 18, 2004

In other news, one Gersende Rambourg of AFP lets European lefties know that John Kerry is the man most sympathetic to them on the question of capital punishment. Kerry has spoken out against the death penalty several times in the past. For some reason this is a huge issue to the European left; they love to beat America around the head with the fact that some states execute some murderers. Interestingly, they never criticize Japan or India, the other two large democracies that use the death penalty, nor are they swift to condemn Cuba whenever Castro has somebody shot.

If anybody ever comes up to you with that ridiculous argument about how the rest of the world should be allowed to vote in the American elections since America rules the world, try this string of arguments on him: 1) America doesn't rule the world in the first place 2) why should you jokers vote on issues that only concern us anyway--what do the Belgians know about water issues in the Far West 3) we'll let you vote in our elections if you let us vote in yours--if you have them, that is 4) you can't have representation without taxation, so when y'all start kicking in to the US treasury that's when you get to vote 5) if you want the vote in US elections, you must agree to live under US constitutional law, or else what's the point?

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