Friday, August 10, 2007

Those wacky commenters at La Vanguardia's website are at it as usual! Check out these pearls of wisdom:

After a story on the European stock market:

The USA should be quarantined by the world since it is a cancer that must be removed. Today that country is no longer a model for absolutely anytning except for the systematic violation of human rights and basic rights, besides being an endemic disease for the rest of the world.

After a story on the European Central Bank:

...the increase in interest rates and their "effects" on the economy (a price increase for housing, to enrich some and impoverish others). Are there any fools who think this is not an accident? There is a plan drawn up by the big fish and if you like it or not, that's what we're going to get.

We are approaching the edge of the abyss.

Now I get it...because of all this with the PBN (sic; he means BNP, the French bank) funds, are we Europeans going to have to pay for American debtors?

(From a commenter in Miami) Yes, Europe is paying for the fall in the American Subprime (sic), and what is worse, here in the USE a very strong crisis is coming, the collapse of the real estate sector, contagion to other sectors, a lack of consumer confidence, that tsunami will reach Europe in a few minutes, goddamned gringos!!! VIVA EUROPA, IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN THE USA

I really believe things are getting worse. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Until our system of values changes, when human values are what comes first in the world, I do not see the light in this dark tunnel. It is the end of the world.

After a story on Bush calling on Musharraf to allow free elections:

What? The spurious president of the USA calls for free elections? Will he leave his puppet in disgrace? Does he need one whose hands are not dirty?

Let's hope that the manipulator, and all his Western democratic acolytes, will respect the free and fair results. As they did in Algeria and more recently in Palestine.

Should we start with free elections in the USA?

How can that mental midget Bush call on his Pakistani hitman for free elections? Free as in Iraq, where they "elected" the current puppets who are "governing"? And will he call on his figurehead in Saudi Arabia for the same thing?

Free elections in the USA? Only millionares can run. What a fool you must be to speak of Yankee democracy. Go on, silly children, pay your mortgage without complaining.

The plan is simple. Pakistan calls an election, the Islamists win democratically like Hamas in Palestine, and the US will have its excuse to bomb the north of Pakistan without problems.

After a story on the Berlin Wall:

So we don't forget the Berlin Wall, we build walls in Ceuta, Palestine, or the Rio Grande in the US...before so they couldn't leave and now so they can't wall fell but others are being built.

After a story on Hugo Chavez, from a commenter in Los Angeles:

Hugo Chavez is a leader in all of South America. South America has been enslaved for more than 500 years by the imperialists like Spain, the United States, France, and others. Now they can't do it because the nationalists won't permit that slavery any more.

After a story on the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing:

What is the US waiting for to apologize to Japan for this genocide? The Germans have done it, apologizing to Israel for the crimes of the Nazis. Every time a US president visits Japan he should kneel and pray at the monument to the victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The current president could have done it since he is such a religious believer. And they should apologize for the massacres in Central America and Latin America and the coups d'etat financed and managed by the CIA (the family jewels). For Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan too. For the slavery financed by the Anglo-Saxons and also the other European powers. Have I forgotten anything?

After a story on a US antiterrorist offensive in Baghdad:

In a neighborhood in Baghdad! That's as if it were in a neighborhood of Vienna or Madrid. You can imagine what happens when there is a massive attack on a neighborhood where the majority are innocent civilians, women, children, and old people, and also youths who might be "enemy combatants," a euphemism invented by the USA in order to massacre civilian populations.

Note 1) the belief in conspiracy theories 2) the catastrophism and 3) the rabid anti-Americanism. But guess what? Some non-Yankee haters have finally spoken up! We'll bring you their comments tomorrow.

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