Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I wrote a real post but Blogger ate it. So here's a summary.

Three Spanish soldiers on peacekeeping duty wounded by bomb in Lebanon. Two etarras busted packing guns in Guipuzcoa. Cops find 125 kilos of explosives in cache. Cops beat living crap out of one terrorist. Who cares. Two more etarras on the run. Hope they catch them.

Election coming soon. Zap facing bad econ stats--high inflation, unemployment rising. PP trying to be centrist. PSOE scared of losing votes in Catalonia due to infrastructure screwup. Zap gov't to ban ETA front parties ANV and PCTV. About time.

Feb. 2006: Goddamn squatters leave cop in coma during riot. Now: Squatters on trial. Cop still in coma.

Spanish press making big deal out of US primaries, probably too pro-Obama.

Plan to connect Spanish and French electricity grids with high tension line. About time, again.

Barça won. So did Madrid. So did Espanyol. Now Barça faces Sevilla in the round of 16 of the Cup tonight.

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