Friday, February 13, 2004

Well, whaddya know, we've gotten some press. Barcelona Business (for which I cannot find a URL), a well-known local English-language monthly newspaper, gave us a plug, and one to Trevor from Kaleboel, too.

Complaint: Barcelona Business has our URLs wrong.

Inside Europe: Iberian Notes is
Kaleboel is

Anyway, though, we made page six of Barcelona Business. The article is by Eve Tomkis, whom I do not know. Here are a few quotes:

The real action, as usual, is happening on the Web, where a couple of erudite bloggers have registered record numbers of hits and copious commentary, sparked off by the innocent (innocent my ass, it was Joan) enough query of whether Spanish should be called Castilian. The row has spilled over into immigrants' language-learning obligations, socialists in Catalonia wishing they could vote PSOE instead of PSC, and would "Montse Babe" ever bed blogger John from Gracia, regardless of whether his sweet nothings were whispered in Catalan or Spanish.

All this candid fare and more can be found at and, hosted respectively by an American right-of-center sports fan and a Welsh polyglot. Visit both, as their public is different, and click on the comments to open a can of cucs...

Relish the rage of Iberian Notes as John tilts against the flailing windmills of lefty sentimentalism. He has his more reflective moments too...Has this got your blood up? Get online and post a note to the hottest blogs in town.

Wow. Thanks for the publicity. I'm going to write Barcelona Business and give them my regards if I can find their e-mail. It doesn't seem to be in the print edition and I can't find the damn thing online. And they really oughta know about the correct URLs.

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