Thursday, February 26, 2004

You know, since I've already linked to several of my favorite sites, Sasha's, Winds of Change, and HispaLibertas, I'm going to go whole-hog and mention a few other blogs I like, what with the avalanche (well, small avalanche) of hits coming in.

Frequent commenter Akaky has his own blog, Passing Parade, which I highly recommend. I just wish he'd post more often, but he's been good about getting at least a post or two up every week. You all know him, so check out his blog. He's funny and smart.

You'll want to keep up with the former Cinderella Bloggerfeller, the most erudite of bloggers and somebody else who is funny and smart. This link connects you to his plethora of successor blogs, including the Axis of Porcel HQ, the only blog that regularly brings you the ravings of Baltasar Porcel, undoubtedly the craziest git in the world with his own daily newspaper column, outside of North Korea.

Trevor is, as always, doing yeoman's work over at Kaleboel. Check out his smart, funny posts, many of them about Catalonia. I love Dr. Weevil; there's another guy who's funny and smart. Chicago Boyz is one of my favorite sites; I don't know why I never plug them. They don't need it. These guys really know their econ and law.

As for funny, smart people of the female sex, Jessica Harbour is very interesting. You've kind of got to sit down and read her stuff; her site is not one to hit for thirty seconds, it's one to stay on for a while and hit a few of the links. Angie Schultz is a frequent contributor here, and she speaks plainly and extremely sensibly. I don't know whether those two know one another but they share an interest in things Asian. Cecile Dubois has picked up some press from FrontPage for her politically incorrect stance--in her ninth-grade English class, where her teacher has denounced her conservative political ideas. Cecile is quite probably the most intelligent fourteen-year-old I have ever come across. Check out her site.

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