Sunday, June 06, 2004

Still feeling incredibly blah. Haven't been this depressed for years. I guess I'll snap out of it pretty soon.

European Parliament elections are boring. Zap is talking big about going into Haiti, though he's already qualified any possible Spanish intervention with so many escape clauses that it probably ain't ever gonna happen.

A bunch of jerks around here, including the Vice-Presidenta de la Vega, are complaining because Rumsfeld said that both the US and Spain were among countries under Al Qaeda's eyeball. They're accusing the Americans of wanting to screw up Spain so badly that they're (the Yanks, that is) attempting to damage Spain's summer tourism business. This is called not being able to see any higher than your own ombligo because you're too busy meneando your own polla. I very much imagine that Mr. Rumsfeld has not the slightest idea that 800,000 Swedes spend at least five days in Spain per year, or whatever it is, and I bet he cares less.

The Forum administrators are reduced to pointing out that they get some 5-8,000 kids every day on school trips and that they're expecting a total of 250,000 schoolkids before the thing is over. They haven't been getting anybody else at all. That's gonna be a big chunk of the five million to break even, or whatever it is, that they were talking about. Very simply, nobody in Barcelona cares, and absolutely nobody outside Barcelona has ever heard of it. And they spent 3.2 billion euros on this. Imagine how many tanks or attack helicopters or cruise missiles you could get for that.

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