Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Since Iberian Notes is my means of communciating with the world (though the world doesn't seem to pay too much attention), and since the only things I have to write about are the world and me, I thought I'd do something everybody else seems to have done: answer fifty questions about me. Because I sure am sick and tired of writing about the rest of the world.

1. 37.
2. Schnectady, New York.
3. Married.
4. No kids.
5. Five cats.
6. Six foot one.
7. About 175-180.
8. Light brown hair, hazel eyes. Not going bald.
9. Really bad eyes. Bad knees too.
10. Used to run. 3:27 marathon, 1:32 half-marathon, 37:14 10K.
11. Am now way out of shape.
12. Near-photographic memory.
13. Love popular culture, the worse the better.
14. BA Spanish 1987; MA Linguistics 1994; Univ. of Kansas.
15. About six and a half inches.
16. Hated school. Got picked on. Fuck 'em; they're probably all poor now.
17. Narrow, deeply-set eyes.
18. Mostly British, some German. 1/32 American Indian. I qualify according to the Dawes Roll for the Cherokee Nation.
19. One direct ancestor owned slaves, three great-great-grandparents fought for the South in the Civil War. One was wounded in the ankle at Antietam (Sharpsburg).
20. English teacher.

That's more than enough for today. Maybe next week I'll take enough tranquilizers in order to write this calmly again.

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