Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Get this one. Miguel Angel Moratinos, Spain's Foreign Minister, is all mad because the Iraqi government and the Americans are not respecting the "Olympic truce" in Najaf. What Olympic truce? Did the Russians pull out of Afghanistan during the 1980 Summer Games? What about the goddamn PLO in Munich in 1972? Are Al Sadr's boys observing the alleged truce? Olympic truce, my ass. The Olympic Games are just a show. All that alleged Olympic idealism is just so much bullshit. It's all about the money and the TV ratings, baby. But it seems to provide a rationale for Moratinos to do some self-righteous posturing.

Moratinos, you might recall, is the guy who claimed that he had been asked by the powers that be to mediate between the Israelis and the Palestinian Lack of Authority. He also got called on the carpet by Tony Blair and then went outside after the short, tense meeting (all by himself) and said that the British were perfectly happy with the Socialists' weaselly behavior regarding Iraq. I know a little something about mental illness, and I suspect Moratinos suffers from an inferiority complex which causes him to overestimate his own importance in the scheme of things.

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