Saturday, August 14, 2004

Well, the Olympics are on TV so since I have nothing real important I have to do I have it on channel 2 (advantage: all-day coverage of even minor sports; disadvantage: Spanish announcers much more chauvinist than even American announcers. Bob Costas is Mr. Neutrality and Professionalism next to these guys) while I listen to "Blonde on Blonde" and read "Fascism" by Stanley Payne in Spanish.

I figure the Olympics need to be culled. What I would do is get rid of embarrasingly minor sports and only have those sports where winning the Olympic medal is the biggest thing you can do in the sport. So I would say:

KEEP: Track and field; boxing (that is, honest boxing); gymnastics; wrestling; swimming; diving; weightlifting.

CULL: All the rest for either being minor boring sports (e.g. team handball) for which the yearly championship is much more important; important professional sports where Olympic competition is well below top standards (e.g. basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, cycling, even volleyball and water polo); or traditional military sports of no interest today (pistol shooting, archery, fencing).

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