Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Quick Wednesday afternoon blog roundup while listening to the Grateful Dead:

Trevor at Kaleboel comments on crazy Catalan level tests.

La Liga Loca has your midweek Spanish football rumors. I don't think Rijkaard is going anywhere, and I don't think they need any new midwinter signings, since those guys would become unnecessary when Eto'o, Messi, and Saviola come back by February.

Notes from Spain features a comment from a British expat who does not like his new life.

Planet Churro explains why Barcelona's lousy air connections are not a nationalist issue.

Puerta del Sol discusses recent Real Academia language decisions.

¡No Pasarán! has a roundup from France with news on the election and the Robert Redeker affair. Don't miss Eursoc's take. Pejman has more.

Samizdata has gone to see "Borat," too.

Fausta has posted a must-see video; we wrote about this miscarriage of "justice" when it happened.

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