Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday afternoon blog roundup while listening to the incomparable Bob Dylan:

(Hey, you know, if you click on the above links you get groovy music clips!)

La Liga Loca has the lowdown on last week's Spanish soccer action, and Rob and Rany on the Royals fill us in on the latest about our boys in powder-blue.

¡No Pasarán! blasts the enviro hysteria surrounding the infamous Stern Report.

Winds of Change is pessimistic on nuclear proliferation.

Angie Schultz posts on advertising and today's US elections; Right Wing News has specific predictions on the Senate races; so does Real Clear Politics; so does Power Line; Michelle Malkin warns of aggressive leftist poll watchers; Expat Yank comments from England; Daniel W. Drezner asks what effect Google-bombing might have on elections;

Publius Pundit has a long, interesting, and complete post on the Nicaraguan elections. Highly recommended.

Pave France analyzes France's role in NATO.

Akaky cracks me up.

Patterico fisks a pro-Saddam article in the Guardian, of course. The Rottweiler joins in and savages the Guardian's appalling stupidity. (Comment: I pronounce Guardian as GWAR-dee-un, because that's the way I always heard the word back home, including at school, as in "Students, your report cards must be signed by your parents or guardians." The Brits pronounce it as GAR-dee-un, which is fine with me, but they insist on correcting my pronunciation, which is not. And these are the people who pronounce "duel" as if it were "Jew" with a glottal stop on the end.)

Outside the Beltway asks whether it is rational to vote.

Davids Medienkritik blasts Der Speigel's anti-Yankee bias again, including its coverage of the US election.

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