Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Comment Is Free section at the Guardian is the Internet's top repository of anti-American hatred in English, and it's not usually so much the columnists--most are lefty but sort of reasonable, though they run a couple of pieces every week that are insane moonbattery, such as this one--as it is the commenters. Some of these people just spew bile.

Check these out. I haven't reproduced any comments that contain the slightest bit of reasonable criticism; there are a good few comments that show anti-American bias but have at least some redeeming bit of constructive criticism or sympathy and concern for the ordinary American person, so I haven't listed them here. The comments below are the worst of the worst.

April 18, 2007 8:11 AM

Sadly the EU is full of Yank-worshippers like Jenkins but Yanks themselves arent's so hot about their country and each other despite all the boisterous flag-waving. Sure, they all cheer when their army goes and bombs the crap out of some dark-skinned third-world nation and they all snivel in unison when the body bags pile up but the fiercely individualistic winner-takes-all-losers-cringe-in-shame society they live in makes them see every other Yank as a potential rival and enemy. And the ubiquitousness of guns allows them to do something about it. And they do, more than any other civilized nation on earth
Murder is a fundamental part of Yank culture, both of other nations and of each other. They invented the serial killer. Well OK, Britain has the original patent maybe (old Jack) but Yanks mass-manufactured it. They invented the mass killer (like this one). Britain invented the carpet-bombing of cities (as demonstrated by Bomber Harris on Dresden) but Yanks exported this new form of mass murder to the whole world.

They are just killers and their culture of social darwinism coupled with their celebration of violence (TV, movies, and so on) and the ready availability (and glamorization) of the most lethal means with which to effect it (like Glock pistols) turns the black underclass as well as frustrated immigrants like the Korean student into killers as well.

April 18, 2007 10:00 AM

America's grossly unequal 'winner/loser' culture - which spans both the economic and the social sphere - generates the despondency, deviance, frustration and, in this case, unbridled fury that leads to such acts.

The culture of unforgiving, breakneck competitiveness - for money, influence, attractiveness and 'popularity' (almost a cult in the US education system), creates 'losers' who are disparaged, excluded and, often, ridiculed by the 'winners'. It is the internalisation and emotional consequences of being deemed inadequate and worthless that leads to the fermentation of these feelings, while this becomes dangerously intensified amongst those who are also socially isolated.

April 18, 2007 9:49 AM

What these regular and consistent massacres show is how America is declining into a third world country...America will cease to exist has a functioning country/society by 2050 due to an unstoppable increas in gun violence and vigilante militas. America is a third world country.

April 18, 2007 6:07 AM

...AMERICANs are among the most herded and thought controlled people in the Western world and they are ALL ARMED
You don't need guns for protection against oppression you need educated, critical thinkers who have a culture of free thinking and cynicism towards sources of authority, corporate and Governmental. You also need varied and accountable political parties as well as transparent electoral systems. A varied and publicly accountable media is also essential.
In case you hadn't noticed these are all things AMERICA lacks!!!!

Free thinking debaters are not as macho as walking around with guns. Its not freedom from oppression guns represent in the US, its personal power.
Americans are among the most thought controlled westerners on earth. You only have to criticize any war (pick one) and shouts of "traitor" come raining down on any one who disagrees with the dominant view.
If there is one thing Americans love its authority, if its an authority with guns they love it all the more.
In a culture as underdeveloped as the modern US, banning all Guns would be the only civilized step forward.

April 18, 2007 6:49 AM

There are a number of reasons why these crimes happen in America and yes, easy access to weapons is one reason. The others include, a culture which is by its nature aggressive; a school culture which is unkind at best and cruel at worst to far greater degrees than other developed nations; a society which has high levels of racism, elitism and plain old-fashioned bullying which goes on in the society in general and in schools in particular; high exposure to the most shocking levels of gratuituous violence on television and in film; a cultural myth which 'teaches' that ultimately the downtrodden or abused will triumph through power and can then take revenge against those who wronged them (watch a few dozen teen movies if you don't believe me).... hardly surprising that those who do not triumph financially, corporately or academically can always triumph with the gun; a culture which glorifies success at any cost (how many heroes in American movies break the law and get away with it in the name of success); a society which has a cult of celebrity where the infamous are 'honoured' as much as the famous; a society which 'blames' people for failure and sets up the unsuccessful to be permanently labelled as 'losers,' and, last but not least a society which medicalises its children and young people to a far greater degree than any other nation on earth...a relatively unknown fact perhaps is that one of the common factors between all of these campus and schoolyard killers is that they were on medication .... legally prescribed medication, usually for depression, but medication which it is already known can have side-effects which lead to violence or suicide. In short, American kids kill in this way first because they can and second because their society in all sorts of ways encourages violence.

April 18, 2007 12:17 PM

Hey guys don't knock killing, killing is one of the great American pastimes. Killing Indians, killing buffallo, killing blacks, killing Iraqis, killing Vietnemese, killing each other, killing whoever. Thats why they all have flags outside their houses to remind them of what great people they are and of their glorious traditions, one of which, is killing.

April 18, 2007 9:26

Without the death penalty, America would turn in to the wild west, with gun-wielding lunatics wandering the steets taking potshots at people.
America has tried deterence. If they don't execute you in prison, you'll still come out with a bumhole like wizard's sleeve.
You can't solve a country's internal problems by killing everyone who gets in your way, anymore than you can run a foreign policy that way.

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