Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just a few quick links:

The Telegraph's US correspondent comments that he agrees with Michael Cherkoff that the US does not have the same problem with radical Islamist immigrants as Europe does. Check out a couple of the wacky responses by commenters.

Commentary, in a fairly gutsy move, runs a Charles Murray piece with the thesis that Ashenazi Jews have a higher average IQ than other groups for genetic reasons. I could buy it if the thesis is that all historically trading / commercial ethnic groups that have been ghettoized inside larger and wider societies, including the overseas Chinese, the overseas Lebanese, and the Armenian diaspora, are likely to have undergone a process of selection, in which being clever would greatly improve your survival and reproductive chances, and that all these groups are likely to have high average IQs.

Jonah Goldberg shoots fish in a barrel. Come on, Jonah, this is too easy for you.

Front Page features a defense of free trade.

Actually, Keith Richards probably really didn't snort his dad's ashes mixed with cocaine no matter what he said.

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