Thursday, July 05, 2007

Let's do another blog roundup.

Barcepundit links to evidence that France's behavior regarding Rwanda was, oh, about a hundred times worse than anything the CIA ever did.

The Brussels Journal links to the European Union sex video whose purpose is to arouse and excite passion for the EU.

Colin Davies posts on Pamplona, Zap, and Spanish drivers, and answers my rhetorical question about who exactly thinks the SNP government is a success.

Davids Medienkritik takes an ignorant anti-American German journalist to the woodshed. Check it out.

Eursoc has a go at Gordon Brown's declining to put the new EU "agreement," that is, constitution, up for a referendum in Britain.

Expat Yank supports ethnic profiling. Me too. Here's an example: Let's say the KKK suddenly had a resurgence in Mississippi and started committing acts of terrorism just like the old days. Well, I would 100% support the FBI's paying extra-special attention to white people on the grounds that blacks are not too likely to be Klansmen.

Fausta supports the US-Colombia trade agreement and scorns its Democratic opponents. Publius Pundit has more.

LA-Madrid Files has a swipe at America-bashing Europeans who nevertheless love American technology.

Notes from Spain continues its series of posts by guest bloggers. Interesting. Diverse viewpoints here.

¡No Pasarán! slaps Zap.

Observing Hermann tries to explain the Tom Cruise-Germany flap.

Pejman has a long and illuminating post on Tocqueville's Democracy in America.

Rainy Day blasts another ignorant America-basher, this time a Brit.

Spanish Pundit has more on the fallout from the Yemen bombing.

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