Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time for another blog roundup.

Spanish Shilling comments on language use in Spain. Some of our regular readers will disagree with him.

Spanish Pundit has a news roundup. This is the first blog in English from Spain by a woman that I've seen.

Observing Hermann says Germans are stingy.

Notes from Spain doesn't see the point of going to Pamplona for the Sanfermines.

¡No Pasarán! slaps French bashers of McDo's.

La Liga Loca has the dope on the off-season Spanish football transfers.

LA-Madrid Files thinks there's too much porn on Spanish broadcast TV.

Ibex Salad has lots of Spanish stock market news, just in case you invest your money instead of spend it like most of the rest of us.

Guirilandia features a slice of Barcelona life.

Fausta sets us straight about the "shrinking Americans" story. I'm 183 cm, or 6 foot 1, and I'm noticeably taller than most folks around here. Younger Spaniards are a good deal taller than older Spaniards, but neither group matches the Americans or Northern Europeans.

Expat Yank spanks the new high mucky-mucks in the British foreign office.

Eursoc fills us in on aggressive Russian behavior in Europe.

Davids Mediakritik is tearing up the biased America-bashing German media. This is great.

Colin Davies just keeps on blogging from Pontevedra.

The Brussels Journal has a must-read post on the failures of Zap's foreign policy, especially toward Cuba. Don't miss this one.

A Fistful of Euros ponders the idea of European culture.

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