Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Chomsky-bashing is kind of like masturbation in the sense that you always know you'll want to do it again. Here are a few smacks upside Noam's head from Front Page.

From Right Wing News:

14) I don't know who popularized this incredibly disgusting web page with a picture of some guy's naked ass and horribly deformed anus, but they should be beaten with a nine iron until they talk in an Al Gore style monotone for the rest of their lives. I could provide a link to this page or worse yet, trick you into going there like many people do on forums and other websites, but that would be unconscionable. Take my word for it -- trust me -- you don't want to see this website.

You heard John. Not me, the other John. Pay heed. Do not go to this site. Whatever you do.

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