Saturday, December 14, 2002

I had an idea earlier this weekend; I've been rather social lately, since a couple of days ago we went out for dinner with Remei's friend Nati and her boyfriend, and then last night my pals Clark the Virginian and Murph the London Irishman came over. We listened to this bluegrass CD my sister sent me from Nashville and, uh, indulged in vice. Anyway, Murph and I did; Clark left to go see his girlfriend and Murph, somewhat the worse for wear, wound up spending the night. While indulging in vice with Murph, though, I had a thought: I've got to start making a little money off this. So I had this idea.

Blogger had the gall to have a redesign contest. Normally, in the business world, things work like this: you need, say, advertising, you go to several agencies, you choose whichever company you like the best (whether because you like their past work they showed you, because they offer a great price, because their young art director seems to have a lot of fresh ideas, whatever), you hire them and give them your guidelines and you agree on a budget, and they go to work and do the job. Well, Blogger did it the other way around. They said, "Hey, guys, all of you out there, let's see a finished job for a site redesign. All of you who want to enter our contest do the whole redesign job, and we'll pick the one we like the best. The rest of you, you've wasted your effort as far as we're concerned."

So I figured, "Hey, why can't I do that if Blogger did? No one can criticize me for following this now seemingly accepted business practice." Therefore, we're announcing the official Design a Logo for Us Contest. If you know your way around HTML code and want to come up with a design for a logo for Iberian Notes, you're free to enter. I was thinking of something like a map of Spain in red with Catalonia in yellow and Barcelona marked with a dot on the map, and Inside Europe: Iberian Notes in navy blue across that. But you can probably think of something better. Anyway, I'll go to that company that makes T-shirts and coffee cups and the like and get some made with YOUR logo on them! Then I can sell them and make like two bucks off every fourteen-dollar T-shirt or whatever the deal is. You get a free T-shirt out of it.

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