Monday, July 21, 2003

Here's Charles Krauthammer (love that name, always have) on why we were right to overthrow Saddam. And here's the Wall Street Journal on Happy Howie Dean. God, I hope they nominate him. Note that his spokesman's name is Joe Trippi, speaking of great surnames.

By the way, here's another from the WSJ on the new mosque in Seville. There are already plenty of mosques here in Spain, though this one seems a lot bigger and nicer than the ones around here, which are in, like, converted garages because the people who establish them are generally poor immigrants. We don't have anywhere near the ethnic problems they have in France, maybe because only about one percent of the population here is Muslim. I wouldn't be getting too worried even though we do have the occasional unpleasant incident between locals and Moroccans; also, the street kid criminals are all Moroccan. Other than that, immigration into Spain has generally been surprisingly trouble-free.

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