Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Check out Cecile Dubois's blog. She is a frighteningly precocious teenager out in La-La Land, and she knows how to write. And she's a fellow unapologetic right-wing nut. She's also linked both to us and to Cinderella Bloggerfeller, so you know she has good taste.

By the way, we've got 68 incoming links now. There are two kinds of linkers: those who just copy InstaPundit's blogroll, which we're on, so we get a link from them, and then there are the ones who intentionally choose to link to us because, like, they've actually read our blog. Thanks very much to the first kind, of course, but we really appreciate the second kind. Cecile is the second kind.

Jesus Gil's Ibidem out of Madrid is still off the air. I don't know what's happened to him. If you read this, Jesus, let us know what's going on. We're starting to get worried.

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