Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Kittyblogging and Complaining:

It's hot. The fire that has already killed five people near Sant Llorenc Savall is burning out of control, and it's joined with another fire that started near the village of Gallifa. The conjoined fires are moving north and they can't stop them. Several hundred people have been evacuated and the death toll from the heat has hit 32 in Spain. I'll bet there are going to be a lot more than that. The Vangua published a photo from a weather satellite, in which an enormous smokeball covering central Catalonia is visible.

Oscar and the Siamese Twins are in the hall, Bart is under the living room sofa, Lisa is under the dining table, and George is under the bed. They are all stretched out on the comparatively cool floor and moving as little as possible. They are not happy. I wouldn't be, either, if I was wearing a fur coat. We have the bathtub full of cool water for occasional dips, and Oscar, who is a water cat, can't resist climbing onto the side of the tub and dipping his little paw in and splashing a bit. Except this time he fell in. Didn't like that one little bit.

They're predicting a break, maybe, for Friday or Saturday. We all sure hope so.

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