Monday, December 08, 2003

Here's Christopher Hitchens in Slate, using all the snaky rhetorical tricks (which he used to use against us) on the side of the angels. I like his last paragraph a lot:

There were predictions made by the peaceniks, too, that haven't come literally true, or true at all. There has been no refugee exodus, for example, of the kind they promised. No humanitarian meltdown, either. No mass civilian casualties. All of these things would of course come to pass, and right away, if the Iraqi "resistance" succeeded in sabotaging the coalition presence. But I refuse to believe that any antiwar person is so keen on vindication as to wish for anything like that.

We've been saying this for a while, but not as well as Hitchens, of course. Check out his last line. Of course he believes precisely that, that many antiwar folks are really vindictive anti-Americans or anti-Westerners. A lot of them around here certainly are. The most hateful, like Pepe Rubianes and Remei Margarit and Gregorio Moran, and Vazquez Montalban before he diminished us, jump with joy whenever they hear of American dead. As do such other personages as Harold Pinter and Gore Vidal.

And here's Charles Krauthammer from the Washington Post on why the so-called Geneva agreement is a load of nonsense. This is a very rare breath of fresh air in the suffocating stinking anti-Israeli atmosphere one breathes on the European continent. Check out Mickey Kaus in Slate in case you need filled in on the Democratic primary campaign; Kaus is leaning toward Dean and Clark as the most likely nominees. The other place to go for your US political fix is the New Republic's TNR Primary. Also in TNR, Gregg Easterbrook explains why talk of building a space station on the Moon is, well, loony.

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