Thursday, December 18, 2003

Here's Tikrit Tommy Alcoverro from Monday's La Vanguardia:

Oh, the poor defeated! Besides all the opinions, all the political interpretations, the capture of Saddam Hussein is, in the first place, a humiliating defeat of the Arabs, it is a victory of the United States and the West over prostrate peoples, over disoriented Eastern countries, over states with precarious roots and of an ambiguous identity.

Hmm. Baghdad Bob Fisk is saying that the Iraqi nationalists, because they've been so humiliated, will overcome the Yankee invaders and occupiers. Tikrit Tommy disagrees, it seems. Note the emphasis on "humiliation". Why should anyone but Saddam and his partisans feel humiliated? The great majority of people around the world who want nothing more than a decent government that actually fulfills its responsibilities should be joyous at the fall of such a killer. It seems, though, that when an anti-American can't think of anything else to slag the Yankees with, he accuses them of humiliating somebody.

And why should anyone feel sorry for the guys who have just lost in Iraq? They were as bad as the SS. I feel no more sympathy for them than for any SS Gruppenfuhrer on the run back in '45.

Saddam Hussein, who in 1998 (sic) had loyally followed the American messages to attack Iran, considered a danger because of the risk of the expansion of its Islamic revolution, has been Objective Number One of the Bush Administration, which has made him its scapegoat....

We did not tell Saddam to go attack Iran, in 1998 or at any other time. Period. If Tikrit Tommy can prove we did, I will be willing to personally buttslam him in the Plaza Catalunya.

...It is false that only the supporters of Saddam Hussein form part of the resistance: there are very diverse groups implicated in this national struggle and some have been bloody enemies of the dictatorship...Iraq had started on the road to undiputable social, economic, and cultural development thanks to the 1972 nationalization of oil. Saddam must be tried under the recently constituted Iraqi court, and let us avoid the pornography which was caused by the horrible murder of his sons Uday and Qasay. Oh, the poor defeated of Iraq!

I simply have no comment. None is adequate.

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