Monday, May 31, 2004

I'm not feeling especially inspired these days. Oh, I could tear up the standard anti-American pro-appeasement load of wank the Vangua is putting out, or I could reiterate why I think the Coalition is right and Old Europe is wrong, or I could talk about Al Qaeda's continuing terrorism, but I've already been there and done that. Maybe I should just insult somebody.

People Who I Think Suck: Oh, wait, that'd take about four hours. Better be more specific.

Ten People I'd Most Like to Invite Over for Dinner: Rafael Ramos, Eulalia Sole, Eduardo Haro Tecglen, Vicente Verdu, Maruja Torres, Remei Margarit, Manuel Castells, Marius Serra, Javier Nart, and Julio Anguita. I'd poison the lot, of course. "Oh, that slightly bitter taste is just the almond sauce on the puffer fish filet..." (Evil chuckle)

Feel free to plan your own dinner party. Who would you invite? What would you serve? How would you dispose of the bodies?

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