Monday, December 20, 2004

Murph and I just spent half an hour trying to add an RSS feed to this blog. First, it looks like there's a difference between an ATOM feed, which you use if you use Blogger, and an RSS feed, and they're not the same thing.

Second, all I want to know is what I'm supposed to fill in when I see "Site Feed Server Path" and "Site Feed Filename" on the "Settings" menu on Blogger.

Third, what I really fucking want is to be able to press a fucking button and have the fucking computer do what I fucking want it to do. If it can't do that, what the hell is the point? I don't care HOW it works or WHY it works, and I don't want to need to know ANYTHING about computers except where the on/off switch is. If you can't push one button and have it work, it's not fucking user-friendly.

Fourth, why do I want a RSS feed anyway? I still don't know why it's any sort of advantage. I mean, all you have to do is hit the Iberian Notes link on your Favorites menu or on your home page or on Franco Aleman's or InstaPundit's and here it is.

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