Monday, December 13, 2004

Well, I just had a humbling experience. I googled my own name just to see what would show up, and I'm afraid I'm not the most famous John Chappell in the world. I'm not even in the top twenty. Or fifty. I was hoping I'd at least make the top ten.

The best known John Chappell in the world is probably a basketball player at the University of South Carolina. Second is a guy who has written some guitar-playing books. Third would be a technical guy who works out in Hollywood. Fourth is a music prof at the U. of Wisconsin. Fifth is an environmental dude who works as a professor of geology at someplace I've never heard of. Sixth is some dead dude on somebody's geneaology pages (there are actually about seventeen of these, but they're all dead now). There are several other John Chappells, including a guy in prison in South Carolina, a bookie in Swanage, England, and a guy who owns a bar in Dexter, Maine, who show up before me. Then, finally, I appear in a Franco Alemán post that's about sixtieth on the Google list. Oh, well. I should have gotten my name listed as translator in the credits of that porno translation Murph and I did. I sure would show up all over the Internet then, all right.

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