Sunday, March 27, 2005

Just got back from the pueblo. Lovely weather out there and it's now definitely spring. the almond trees are in bloom, white all over the place, and the wheat and barley have just come up so the fields all look like carefully mown lawns. The wildflowers aren't out yet, but just wait a couple of weeks. There are tiny lambs up at the sheep pen above the village, so small they're still nursing, and the songbirds are out in force. I took the dog up the hill a couple of times, once down the Guimerà road and once up the Segura road, and a good time was had by us both. It's Holy Week so they had the procession Friday night; it's a very small procession. I saw them pass by the house. A few of them were even dressed up like the Klan. It was especially peaceful since the electricity went out and there was no TV two nights in a row. I hate TV except for soccer. I read this book called An Army at Dawn by candlelight. It's a pretty good look at the 1942-3 North African campaign, and not too high on Ike; surprisingly sympathetic toward Fredendall, who does seem to have been a bit of a scapegoat. We brought home twenty liters of olive oil from the local cooperative and about 20 kilos of potatoes from Remei's potato field.

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