Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You know, we owe the British a lot of thanks. Yeah, there were a couple of unpleasantnesses back around 200 years ago. but I think 1940-41 is plenty of payback. They stood by us and we stood by them and the other English-speaking countries kicked in their share and more.

In Kansas City, in the middle of the most prestigious commercial area, where thousands of people pass by each day, there is a statue of Winston Churchill. And his wife. Churchill is presented as a man like the rest of us. He is sitting down, next to his wife. He's not standing over us or a man on horseback. He is a human being. And the British flag, lighted up, flies 24 hours a day over the statue. It's quiet recognition, the best kind.

How about if we all do that about 20 years or so from now with another British prime minister?

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