Friday, January 05, 2007

From the News-in-These-Here-Parts department: TV3 is reporting that there has been a bomb threat at the Bilbao airport, and it has been evacuated. We'll update this if it turns out to be important.

The cops found a hundred-kilo bomb apparently abandoned by ETA near the side of a road in the Basque Country, along with the timers and detonators and other stuff necessary to make it go boom. I think this means that ETA is on the offensive again.

I've seen several analyses recently backing the theory that there are two different factions within ETA. One is made up of people who haven't committed murder and those who have served their sentences, and they're broadly in favor of negotiations. The other is made up of current prisoners and others who have blood on their hands, and they want to keep killing until the government agrees to an amnesty. According to this theory, faction number 2 has won out in the internal struggle. All I can say is amnesty, over my dead body.

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