Monday, January 15, 2007

There's been some controversy around here over the world's oldest mom. That's right, a 67-year-old woman gave birth a few days ago to twin boys in a Barcelona hospital after in vitro treatment in the United States. Local opinion is not particularly sympathetic, though there are some who say that what a woman chooses to do with her body is her business. I suppose my perspective is that the woman is within her rights, but I would not choose to do such a thing myself.

The other controversy, more political, is about these damn demonstrations that they've had here in Spain over the weekend in reaction to the Barajas bombing. I personally do not give a crap, since I scorn symbolic politics. Barcepundit and Publius Pundit have more on the story, so check them out; Barcepundit takes a well-deserved whack at the New York Times and Reuters, while Publius takes the demos more seriously than perhaps he should.

The Bad Rash takes a rather undeserved whack at the PP and the AVT, saying those groups are against peace because they boycotted the Socialist- and PNV-organized demos. No, what they're against is a compromise peace. The PP and AVT, and I agree with them, want a victorious peace and the defeat of ETA.

Finally, for a pro-ETA perspective, check out Eusko Blog. This guy is nuts. Here's a quote:

(Rodriguez Zapatero) thought he could bring ETA to the negotiating table while steping up the Spanish repression in Euskal Herria. And while Rodriguez was using the international forums to claim he was engaged in a peace process, all the while he was hammering down on one of the columns of peace, justice. Now, if only Rodríguez and his PSOE and Rajoy and his PP can get it through their thick heads that they need to stop their genocidal violence against the Basque people, maybe in the near future we can finally see justice served, which in turn will usher a new age of peace. Read that again, justice first, and then peace will take place as part of a natural process.

The author wrote this AFTER the Barajas bombing. This is the mindset we are dealing with around here. Probably 15% of the Basque people agree with this guy.

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