Thursday, January 04, 2007

Over the last few days I've been watching this game show on Catalan TV in which minor local TV celebrities, like a couple of sports reporters, a couple of actresses, and the like answer questions, most of which are fairly easy but a few of which are challenging. I was surprised how many questions related to the US the contestants blew, and these people are supposed to be at least media-savvy. One of them, Rosa Andreu, a stage actress and one-time talk-show hostess, was pretty sharp and obviously educated and cultured--and she was smart enough to make educated guesses when she wasn't able to think of the answer. The rest of them had rather low wattage, if you know what I mean.

  • They didn't know that New England was a US region--they guessed Canada.
  • They didn't know the Grand Canyon was in the US--they guessed Mexico.
  • " " " that Hillary Clinton is senator from New York--they had no guess.
  • When asked "What's George W. Bush's middle name, William or Walker?" they guessed "William."
  • They didn't know that Coppola directed "Apocalypse Now" or that Woody Allen directed "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex..."
  • Didn't know that F. Scott Fitzgerald was American--they guessed Irish.
  • They guessed that the Arkansas River was in Brazil.
  • They didn't know that the longest land frontier is between the US and Canada--they guessed Russia and China.
  • They didn't know that the MOMA is in New York.
  • They didn't know that Omaha is in the US.

The only ones they got right were that Brooklyn is a neighborhood (actually a borough) in New York and that the secretary of defense who recently resigned is Donald Rumsfeld.

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