Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Let's do another blog roundup, since it's been at least a week.

Notes from Spain has an interesting series up of several posts by guestbloggers, all folks who write in English from Spain. Check it out.

Observing Hermann has news on the Tom Cruise-Scientology-Germany thing; by the way, Drudge reported it wrong yesterday. The German military said it would ban Cruise from filming at military sites, but the country of Germany itself did not, and probably cannot, ban Cruise from making a movie there.

Robert Duncan reruns a 2003 piece on the confusing Spanish Gas Natural-Endesa corporate-government brawl in which regional nationalism raised its head as usual.

Roncesvalles reports on thug street violence in Germany, with photos.

Samizdata features a fine piece of verse on the silly new sporran law.

South of Watford comments from the left on the deaths of the six soldiers in Lebanon. Spanish Pundit has more from the right, including photos.

The Dissident Frogman flays French government and politics in general.

A Fistful of Euros reports that a wacky German Holocaust denier who was sentenced to prison is getting support from the flaky American extreme right. Sounds like they deserve one another. Reminder to AFOE: These nutballs have little to no influence on American opinion. Nobody pays any attention to them.

The Brussels Journal, meanwhile, has a completely different story; they say that the wacky guy is not a Holocaust denier, but an anti-abortion activist, who compared abortion with the Holocaust. That's a rather different kettle of fish, methinks, well within the bounds of free speech and not Holocaust denial at all. The BJ says that a lot of this guy's supporters are European, not just American.

Colin Davies, as always, is full of information about Spain; today it's politics.

Davids Medienkritik links to a criticism of German media exploitation of Guantanamo.

Eursoc has an extensive rundown, from the sceptical position, of the EU treaty agreement or whatever it is.

Fausta has more on Correa and Morales, part of the Axis of Evel Knievel along with Chavez and Castro.

La Liga Loca names his all-star Spanish League team; only Messi and Iniesta from the Barça make it, which seems about right to me. Only questionable choice: Poulsen instead of Albelda or Xavi.

LA-Madrid Files points out what's wrong with the Spanish movie industry: It makes crappy movies.

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