Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TV3, which is not precisely a PP sock puppet, is reporting, based on anonymous police sources who met with Zapatero yesterday:

ETA is capable of immediately attacking anywhere in Spain...According to police information, ETA has taken advantage of the 14 months of truce to recover from the most recent police roundups. At this moment, ETA has about one hundred militants ready to take action, of which between 20 and 25 are organized into cells. It also has explosives and the technical and human means necessary to make car bombs.

The police fear that the gang will decide to commit an attack in order to cause alarm, and therefore is not ruling out a murder. Evidence confiscated from the "Donosti" cell, broken up at the beginning of this year, shows that the first target might be police officers, though ETA might also attack PSOE, or even PNV, political office holders, as the ETA communique announcing the end of the truce harshly criticized these two parties.

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