Friday, June 22, 2007

TV3 is reporting that Barça has signed Thierry Henry from Arsenal for €24 million. I'm not sure how good a move this is--he's probably got a couple more good years in him, we hope, but who knows? Also, somebody is going to have to sit down, and that somebody is most likely Samuel Eto'o, who is not going to be happy with this. Oh, well, Barça has four forwards for three spots now, and when one of them gets hurt they'll have someone to cover for him. They were hoping Gudjohnsen would be that guy last year, as Larsson had been the year before, but that didn't happen.

Meanwhile, an Euromed fast train derailed in El Prat, fortunately with nobody on board, and this has blocked the train line to the airport and to Sitges until Monday. This is ridiculous. Renfe, the Spanish railroad monopoly, is clearly not getting the job done in the Barcelona area, where the commuter trains are constantly late or cancelled. Privatization, anyone?

The story on the ETA car loaded with explosives in Huelva: Seems that they had a scout car running ahead of the explosives car, and the scout car ran into a police checkpoint and alerted the terrorists behind them who were transporting the explosives, who abandoned their car at the side of the road. The Spanish cops are positive that ETA has an operatiive cell in Andalusia.

Tony Blair is going to convert to Catholicism, as everybody had speculated. Good for him, I hope he's happy, but is this actually a big deal? One thing about Blair: I still think he was wrong on all the small stuff and right on most of the big stuff. I think the fact that he is sincerely religious helps to show that he thought he was doing the right thing on the Iraq war. Which we still have to win.

The Poles are standing firm and they're going to block the Franco-German proposal for a new EU treaty. Sarko and Merkel have convinced the Brits, but the Czechs and Dutch are still with the Poles. Theory: The Poles don't trust either the Germans or the Russians any farther than they can spit, and neither do the Czechs. I sure wouldn't.

Under pressure to close down Guantanamo, the Bush administration says it might ship the prisoners to Afghanistan. Sounds good to me; I don't care where those arms-bearing terrorists are locked up, as long as they can't escape.

The CIA is releasing "unflattering documents" that had formerly been classified; looks like the worst stuff they can find are assassination attempts on Castro and surveillance of a few reporters. Unpleasant and wrong--I mean the spying on reporters, not trying to knock off Castro, which sounds like a good idea to me--but come on, folks, it's not precisely as bad as what the KGB was up to in those days.

Everyone is reporting that a Generalitat study says that Catalan, with 9 million speakers, including me, is the 88th most spoken language in the world. All right! We're number 88! Ahead of Swedish and Bulgarian!

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