Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Beirut Bob Fisk is back in the pages of the Vangua! He's got all of page six. Here's a summary, paragraph-by-paragraph, so you don't have to go to the trouble yourself.

I) Bob hates Bush and Rumsfeld.
II) There will soon be a resistance movement of the Iraqis against the occupying American troops that will cause lots of terrorism, Bob hopes.
III) The Yanks are murdering lots of Iraqis and lying about it.
IV) So Bob is really excited about Shiite terrorist gangs starting up (with ties to Hezbollah!) because the Yanks started the war to get the reconstruction contracts for companies tied to Bush.
V) Bob makes an apples-and-burritos comparison between Iraq in 2003 and Greece in 1944. Nobody understands why except that there was fighting in both places. Bob sure hopes that there will be a revolt against the Yanks like there was against the Brits in Greece in 1944, it seems.
VI) So, what will happen is that the "Shiite resistance" will rise against the Yanks, who will accuse Iran and Syria of supporting said resistance and use that as an excuse to take them over too.

I have a prediction to make, too. I will bet that the chances that Beirut Bob Fisk will turn out to have been on the take from Saddam are greater than the chances than Bob's Paragraph VI above will come true. Why? Saddam is known to have presented Western journalists with luxurious houses in the Middle East, especially in Beirut. Bob lives in a luxurious house in Beirut. Newspaper reporters don't make a lot of money. Bob hasn't sold too many books; if he had, I might be able to name one, and I can't. If Bob can demonstrate that he paid for his own house all by himself with money he earned from his scribblings, I will personally kiss his ass in Trafalgar Square.

UPDATE: Check out this article from the National Review by a correspondent from Time who was embedded with the 101st and compare it with what Beirut Bob and Tikrit Tommy have been saying.

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