Tuesday, May 06, 2003

The Jedman sees one of his students while driving and is called upon to philosophize:

I was stopping at this intersection when I saw one of my clients crossing the street in front of me. Briefly, I thought about steamrolling him because even though I kind of like him, he causes me a lot of trouble. He is the same guy I tried to nail with the nerf football. It would have been a bone crushing, bloodspilling, brain rattling instant death for him. Even though it is wrong to hurt people, my biggest problem with this plan is me having to go to jail for such a repulsive act of violence. This was the part of the plan that I didn't like. Instead, I really freaked him out by yelling at him out of the window. He loved me for it. I'm glad I seem to exhibit self-control with great frequency. This may keep me from having fun, but it keeps me out of trouble. theJEDMAN

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