Friday, May 09, 2003

By the way, we've added several new blogs to the blogroll. Every single blog over there is personally recommended by me for one reason or another. There are about twelve added in the past week or so, so look on over to the left and check some of them out. Some of them are at least partly in non-English languages. Try to figure out what they're saying. I think that's fun.

Thanks very much to Annie Embree, Official #1 Reader of Iberian Notes, for being the only reader not my mom--the only one! who took the hint back on April 14. In case you're wondering what the hint was, look back through the archives for Apr. 14. I type my fingers to the bone for you people and this is the thanks I get! Annie will receive, as part of the #1 Reader Award, the right to wear a ribbon officially proclaiming her "Miss Iberian Notes" at all swimsuit talent competitions she should happen to enter. Also, her e-mail goes automatically to the top of the list whenever I get around to checking it.

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