Tuesday, February 06, 2007

From the "We're All Moderates Here at the Guardian" department:

Get this dreamy supporter of Go to Hell Hugo named Richard Gott:

A freshly mobilised and alert population is beginning to flex its muscles, taking part in political decision-making through a myriad local councils and ad-hoc committees operating at many levels. Nothing like this has happened in Latin America since the Cuban Revolution nearly half a century ago.

And when this guy mentions the Cuban Revolution, he's in favor of it. There's even more here, including a defense of Chavez's expropriations:

We know too that he wants to improve tax collection and to do something about gross inequality, the untackled evil throughout Latin America except in Cuba. We also know that he is hostile to unbridled capitalism, and has made friendly remarks about cooperatives and other ways of organising the private sector.

And a defense of the crackdown on the press:

Chávez is not a dictator and has never shown the slightest sign of wanting to become one. He has no blueprint that he seeks to impose on the country. He wants to extend press freedom for example, not to reduce it, and, while curbing the power to make money of irresponsible press barons like Marcel Granier of RCTV, he has also put state funds into the development of community radio and television stations...

To top that off, here's some guy named Edward Pearce who's pissed off that he gets called "anti-American":

The charge of anti-Americanism made by new right British journalists against critics of the Bush government is in itself a nonsense...

Dude. Critics of the Bush administration are not necessarily anti-American. People who complain about the society as a whole, who do not mention the good along with the bad, and who fall into oft-repeated stereotypes most certainly are.

That nation is, for a start, absurdly militarised...(it)has taken on Prussian qualities - qualities reinforced by bullying and manipulative populism: Prussia served by Fox TV...The United States is far too patriotic for the ultimate good of the rest of us. They salute a flag; they talk about themselves all the time...The United States, for all its vein of intense religion, attracts politicians fascinated by immoral acts...American society, so patriotic, so fundamentally deferential to money and power talking patriotism, is not shaped to stop them. For American life contains another poison - nicely cultivated fear...a country so self-preoccupied that, on the last figure I heard, only about 12% of citizens held passports, is ill-equipped to understand the complexity of those dangers.

Not much about Bush there, but a lot about power-mad manipulated hyper-patriotic ultra-religious panic-stricken self-absorbed ignorant Americans. Now get the last line:

"Anti-American" we are not; but darkly worried about America we certainly should be.

You are anti-American, Mr. Pearce. Your problem is not the Bush administration, your problem is all of us. You don't like us, and you wouldn't like us no matter what our president did. Why can't you just be honest and admit that?

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