Friday, February 23, 2007

Go watch this video called "A World Without America" by 18 Doughty Street. Brilliant. It's currently Number One on YouTube.

Denis Boyles at National Review compares European anti-Americans with the US Democratic party, a comparison we have made here several times. He links to our friends at Eursoc and their take on the fall of the Prodi government in Italy. Eursoc, by the way, has a very nice-looking redesign.

Also at National Review, Clifford May attacks the anti-American spin of nearly all European reporting on Iraq.

Theodore Dalrymple at City Journal takes apart the British nanny state.

Don't miss this wonderful cat video.

Old Marxist Eric Hobsbawm spews misinformation on the Spanish Civil War in the Guardian. Quote: "The wrong side won." No, no, Mr. Hobsbawm, both sides were undemocratic ideology-crazed brutal killers. Your side was even worse than Franco's here in Catalonia, where the Republicans in three years outmurdered the Francoists in forty, and that's not counting the number of anarchists shot by the Communists and vice versa in Catalonia's own little inter-Left civil war. The only thing Hobsbawm says that is true is that the Left won the propaganda war--hell, the Left is still fighting the propaganda war, as the mere existence of Hobsbawm's article demonstrates.

Daniel Johnson in the Weekly Standard blames Europe's weak-willed wobbling on Iran's nuclear program on European scorn for Israel.

Mark Steyn has no respect for America's allies in name only.

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