Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Here's Andy Robinson in La Vanguardia on the Super Bowl.

Everything ended up as predicted despite the torrential rain. The Indiana (sic) Colts contundently defeated the Chicago Bears, 29-17, and Indiana quarterback Peyton Manning was voted Most Valuable Player. The Super Bowl--with 74,000 spectators in the stadium and millions at home--was the great cohesive holiday, the 50 states united by Joseph Addias's (sic) touchdown, the national anthem by old Billy Joel, Lay's potato chips, barbecue sauce, commercials from ailing General Motors, and Coca-Cola. Even Prince behaved himself. Gallons of ink were spilled in elogies for Tony Dungy, the first champion Afro-American coach, and no one spent too much time on the suicide last year of his 18-year-old son.

Stay classy, Andy.

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