Friday, February 02, 2007

My favorite comic magazine is Viz from England. They run a regular feature called the Profanisaurus, a glossary of crude and vulgar terms, which has greatly expanded my vocabulary. Here are a few words and expressions; let's see if you can provide definitions.

budgie's tongue (n.)
to crank (v.)
flavour of the month (n.)
Cleveland steamer (n.)
to draw an ace (v.)
heirbags (n. pl.)
biddy fiddler (n.)
belly warmers (n. pl.)
dirty Sanchez (n.)
ankle spanker (n.)
airplane blonde (n.)
banjo cleaner (n.)
wide-on (n.)
to tip one's concrete (v.)
crumpet trumpet (n.)
to shell (v.)
salad dodger (n.)
Catalan custard (n.)
to use live rounds in a training exercise (v.)
to Pink Floyd (v.)
to disengage the airbrakes (v.)
Heinz jacuzzi (n.)
shuttlecock (n.)
reserve chute (n.)

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