Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ann Coulter has really put her foot in it this time. Just plain tasteless behavior. You don't call a presidential candidate a "faggot." And the people who clapped shouldn't have. This is going to make conservatives look just great. Now Dem party leader Howard Dean gets a chance to get all puffed up and self-righteous, and call conservatives bigots. Obviously, the Republican Party should say nothing, since Ms. Coulter does not represent it. Methinks it is about time for reasonable elements of the party to distance themselves from her, though, since she's volatile and good at saying the wrong thing. National Review fired her a few years back for intemperate language.

Ten Things It's OK To Call John Edwards:

10. A flip-flopping asswipe
9. A hypocritical turdlicker
8. A Cleveland Steamer
7. A pussy
6. A lying piece of shit
5. A Democrat
4. One of those guys who's not going to get into heaven through the eye of a needle
3. Smegma
2. Almost as big an asshole as Jimmy Carter

And at Number One:

1. A lawyer!

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