Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just a few quick links this afternoon.

Snopes reproduces an e-mail that's going around comparing Gore's energy-guzzling house with Bush's eco-friendly ranch, and judges it to be true.

Fox News reports that a cyber-asshole took one last shot at Catherine Seipp by posting under her name while she was dying.

At National Review, John O'Sullivan comments on the EU's fiftieth anniversary and David Freddoso takes a whack at the EU's Kyoto hypocrisy.

Anne Applebaum notes that most Europeans paid no attention to the Berlin celebrations because they're pretty apathetic about the EU.

The Wall Street Journal is rather positive about the EU, and there's a good historical piece about the anti-immigrant motivation behind Prohibition (and the progressive middle-class do-gooders who put it through).

Reason has an article reminding us, in response to the doomsayers, that the world is actually going along pretty well in most ways in most places.

Robert Hughes has a groovy article in the Guardian on surrealism, one of the artistic movements I most despise.

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