Thursday, March 01, 2007

They're transferring De Juana Chaos to a hospital in Bilbao; he's been conceded less strict prison conditions. Note: He has not been released or paroled. He's still a prisoner. They've just moved him to medium security, which allows him to go to a different prison closer to his family's home. He is expected to continue his hunger strike, and to die from it one of these days pretty soon.

Zap came to Catalonia yesterday. He talked about expanding the Barcelona airport in very vague terms, and added some even vaguer stuff about how the Generalitat, Catalonia's regional government, would participate in airport administration. He did not mention the commuter trains crisis, which erupted again yesterday with three fires, hour-long delays on every line, and more angry passengers blocking the rails at the Paseo de Gracia station in downtown Barcelona. Two of the fires are suspected to be sabotage.

They're at the place in the 3/11 trial where the coal miners, who swapped the dynamite used in the explosions to the Madrid Islamist cell for hashish, get up on the stand and say they are innocent. Nobody believes them. Meanwhile, investigating magistrate Del Olmo has indicted another conspirator, Abdelilah Hriz, who is currently in prison in Morocco. His DNA shows up on a comb found in the Leganés apartment where seven of the bombers blew themselves up a month after the bombings, and on a pair of trousers found at the house in Morata de Tajuña where the terrorists actually put together the bombs.

Sevilla coach Juande Ramos was released from the hospital this morning; he is apparently all right. He says he doesn't remember the goal scored by his striker, Kanouté, which caused the Betis fans to start throwing shit on the field, including the bottle that KOed Ramos. I'll be disgusted if very strict measures are not taken at Betis, including the forfeit of the match in question.

The Spanish press has picked up on the story about Al Gore's using twelve times as much electricity as the average household.

The cops busted a clan of 38 Kosovars who have robbed more than 150 houses all over Spain. They were a well-organized gang, with a network of safe houses, a fleet of cars with phony registrations, lots of useful electronic and construction equipment (including a jackhammer), and a cell structure--they were divided into subgroups whose members did not know the members of the others. Apparently these guys have links to other Kosovar gangs operating in other European countries. Some good work by the cops. Now let's see how long these guys stay in jail.

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