Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tom from The Bad Rash says, regarding Ann Coulter,

This is yet another story which gives the lie to conservative 'ownership' and 'custody' of morality. I wouldn't mind them so much if they didn't spend half their time slagging people off for doing things they, or their mates, are perfectly happy to indulge in. The point is that no one, left or right, can own morality… but it is conservatives who frequently claim to.

I responded in his comments section:

Tom, many Republicans, among them Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, are not social conservatives. The Republican Party is actually a coalition of several different factions, including the free marketeers, the deregulation folks, the small government / low tax squad, the foreign policy hawks, the business-as-usual people, patriotic traditionalists, cranky old folks who want to go back to 1910 or whatever–and the social conservatives, who are largely religiously based. Most Republicans fall into several of these categories (I'm a free marketeer and a foreign policy hawk, for example, and also an advocate of small, local government, but definitely not a social conservative), but few fit into all of them.

Each of these factions, along with each of the several factions of the Democratic Party (the unions, the civil rights establishment, government employees, the feminists, the universities, Hollywood, the big-city political machines like Chicago, the greens, the anti-system folks, and the socialists who have no other home)claims to have a monopoly on what the right way to do things is–that is, on morality. Every single political group claims to have morality on its side, always has, and always will.

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