Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Foreign Policy has an interesting graphic on the Durex sex survey. One thing it shows is that Spaniards are pretty conservative sexually: average loss of virginity age 17, average number of sexual partners six, about 25% have had "unprotected" sex, and less than 5% have sexually transmitted diseases. Comparable figures for the US: average loss of virginity age 16, average number of sexual partners 11, more than 50% have had unprotected sex, and about 10% have sexually transmitted diseases. UK and Canada figures are almost identical to the US.

Interestingly, Scandinavia and Australia really are the most sexually uninhibited places. 21% of Norwegians are infected with STDs, and more than 75% have had unprotected sex. The average Turk claims to have bedded 14 people, by far the most in the world, and all I can figure is a) they're lying, b) they're including prostitutes in their counts, or c) they didn't survey any Turkish women. I just can't imagine Turkish women getting it on with more than about three guys per lifetime, if that much. Maybe I'm just prejudiced, but this goes against everything I've ever heard about Muslim countries. The other Muslim countries surveyed, Malaysia and Indonesia, show predictably conservative sexual behavior.

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