Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wackiness from here in Baja Andorra: Liberation theologist José Ignacio González Faus says in today's La Vanguardia:

In the name of progress and security, is humanity on the road toward a new form of world Fascism? The secret CIA flights authorized by NATO and Europe, or the jail at Guantánamo, are alarming indicators. We will reach that point after some "American-style" democracies in which we can only choose between the right and the far right. This world Fascism will last centuries, like slavery and feudalism. During those centuries people will look back on a few years in which humanity lived under fairly democratic conditions. When this world Fascism falls, we do not know whether the human species will be prepared to create a new democracy that has learned the lessons of the failure of the first one: that democracy and self-enrichment without limits are absolutely incompatible.

Wow. That's completely insane. I know a guy who knows González Faus, and says, "For a priest, he's a pretty good Marxist."

Note that what's driven him over the cliff into catastrophism are alleged CIA secret flights (transporting allegedly "kidnapped" terrorist prisoners to alleged torture camps in Eastern Europe) and the non-alleged prison at Guantanamo. The alleged CIA secret flights and torture camps don't exist, of course, and Guantanamo isn't exactly Auschwitz or the Gulag. One would think Father G. F. would have been much more shocked by, say, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, or the psychopathic killer Saddam Hussein, or the Kim dynasty in the North Korean police state, or the bloody-handed current Chinese dictatorship, or the Burmese military junta, or Assad or Khomeini or Gaddafi or Idi Amin or Bokassa or Castro, than these comparatively minor alleged American sins.

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