Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey, guess what? We've got the far-leftists around here in a tizzy! A rather hysterical blog post (including such statements as "The US trained and armed Osama Bin Laden," "No nation has behaved more irrationally in the Middle East than the US," "warmongering lunatic," "This is the world of fantasy inhabited by the neocon revolutionaries in the US," and "History will not be kind to these despicable people") attracted these comments:

BTW: watch out when you mention Americans! Commenters at the increasingly mendacious Iberian Notes blog have now made it clear that they regard any disagreement with any American as 'anti-American'. This comes after that blog's author claimed that criticism of Bush counts as anti-Americanism because he was elected by some Americans.

Cool! I'm "mendacious," meaning I intentionally tell lies while knowing the real truth.

So it's interesting that I never said what I am alleged to have said. Criticize Bush and his politics and actions all you please. I criticize Zapatero all the time and I don't think I'm being anti-Spanish when I do so. What I did say was that gratituously insulting Bush is anti-American (e.g. "Fuck Bush"), especially when the gratituous insults would never be proffered by the insulter against, say, Castro, Assad, Kim, or Saddam. And I added that people who unnecessarily insult the democratically elected president show a lack of respect for the American democratic process.

Regarding Iberian Notes, I read it in the same way as many Catalans listen to COPE radio station: part masochism, part comedy value. Following their bizarre logic, PP’s criticism of the PSOE is anti-Spanish, and criticising the Tripartit surely must be anti-Catalan. It’s good for a laugh every now and then though.

Well, I'm glad that this blog provides masochists with pleasure. Wouldn't want to seem sexually intolerant, would we? Hope everyone finds it especially exciting today, especially those wearing nipple clamps!

The problem with Iberian Notes is that it seems to be moderately popular with people outside Spain - who often have no idea quite how distorted and misleading it is. Something should be done.

It's also moderately popular among people inside Spain and even inside Catalonia, but I digress. What I like is, "Something should be done." What? Hunt me down and kill me? Sabotage my site? Accuse me of working for the CIA--oops, La Vanguardia's ex-ombudsman already did that.

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