Thursday, December 13, 2007

Boy, the promotors of this Vegas-in-Los Monegros thing have got their PR people working hard. Today La Vanguardia gave them a front-page teaser and then the first two pages of the national news section.

La Vanguardia says that the two chief investors are the Australian slot machine manufacturer and the French-Lebanese-Bahraini insurance company, which we already mentioned, and that others include the Thomson casino management firm, the British gambling tech company Hot Games, two Catalan real estate developers named Josep Carrera and Jaume Riera, and an Anglo-French investment firm called Havila Partners. In other words, Hilton and Hyatt and Sheraton and Holiday Inn and MGM ain't in on this one.

They save this paragraph for the end of the story: "Sources from companies in the sector in Great Britain were skeptical about the viability of this Pharaohonic project. 'The infrastructure for 25 million visitors isn't there, and they don't have the financing, either,' said an executive at an international casino corporation."

More realistically, Harrah's is preparing to build a Caesar's Palace hotel-casino in Ciudad Real. Just one, not 32.

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