Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Slow news day everywhere in the world.

The biggest stink around here is a controversy over a Syrian arms dealer named Monzer al Kassar, who lives in Marbella, of course. This guy was accused of being in on the attack on the Achille Lauro and spent fourteen months in jail awaiting trial until the charges were dropped. The United States wants him bad for allegedly selling weapons used to harm US citizens, along with conspiracy and money-laundering; he was arrested in Spain in June, and the National Court okayed his extradition. El Mundo then accused the head of the Syrian secret service (that is, Gestapo) of writing a threatening letter to his Spanish counterpart--if Al Kassar was extradited, Spanish peacekeeping troops in Lebanon would "lose Syrian protection." Crude extortion. Syria has now denied the existence of the letter. Anyway, Zap and the cabinet are supposed to make the final decision on Al Kassar's extradition on December 28.

Other bits of news: Barcelona used-housing prices officially declined by 2% in 2007. I bet it's more than that. Meanwhile, the average price for a rental apartment in Barcelona is now over €1000 a month. Some criminals in Mauritania massacred a French tourist family of four; what I want to know is whose brilliant idea it was to go to Mauritania for a vacation ahd bring along the kids. Idiots. As if there weren't any nice places in France to visit. Hell, even an Arab slum in the banlieue is safer and probably more attractive than Mauritania. The slaughter on the Spanish highways continues, with 36 dead so far over the Christmas holidays.

ETA let off a small bomb the night of Christmas Eve in the Basque town of Balmaseda. Nobody was hurt, but the homes of fifteen families were damaged and they have been evacuated. The King gave his Christmas speech on TV. I didn't bother watching because I knew what he was going to say. The bus strike will continue until at least January 4; the city is going to take disciplinary action against a dozen of the drivers/vandals who sabotaged the buses, but they're not going to press charges, of course. Will Smith has made international news with his ill-expressed remarks about Adolf Hitler; what Smith was obviously trying to say is that even Hitler, a man the rest of us consider the epitome of evil, wrongly thought he was doing good.

Sports update: Barça got beat 0-1 by Real Madrid, as you probably know. They're now seven points back with 19 matches left to go. It wasn't a good game, but Madrid demonstrated that their guys work harder and are in better shape than the Barça players. I'm beginning to think that Frank must go at the end of the season, because several of the players simply cannot go all-out for a whole game. Prime specimen: Ronaldinho. There's no excuse for losing just because your guys don't do enough running. I also wonder whether Carles Puyol's body isn't breaking down from too many roids.

Sleazy lesbian incest video starring Penelope Cruz and her look-alike sister Monica! Check it out! The song blows, of course.

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