Friday, December 28, 2007

We're still on Christmas down time, and not that much is happening. Today is the Día de los Santos Inocentes, Spain's equivalent of April Fool's day. No one has tried to pull anything on me yet. Zap made a speech reviewing his four years in office, and declared that his two big mistakes were trusting ETA during the alleged peace process and mismanaging the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed line. I can think of a few more, like taking apart the PP's education law, shutting down the water plan to move water south from the Ebro and the Rhone, accepting the Catalan statute of autonomy, selling arms to Chavez and Gadafi, and, oh, yeah, bailing out of Iraq and kissing terrorist ass and believing that his jackass Alliance of Civilizations is going to change the world. I will admit, though, that Zap's regime has not been dreadful; he hasn't tried to nationalize the banks or anything.

Another fraudulent Spanish NGO called Alba has been busted; this one, based out of Almeria, was supposed to be helping poor immigrants, and instead was charging them €9000 each for work permits. The guy behind it set up a whole phony network of front companies. I hope that some Spaniards will begin to see that non-governmental organizations, no matter how solidarious their message is, are not always ethically superior to private companies and elected governments. Frequently they're a hell of a lot worse. Right now I think they're pretty gullible when presented with a charismatic figure who promises to change the world for a mere fifteen euro a month contribution.

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